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Lester’s dedicated professional tour leading experience in Sri Lanka and India for over two and a half decades has encouraged him to create a broader and wider spectrum of wildlife tours in south Asia. His acumen in Birding and wildlife tourism is widely respected in Sri Lanka and India as well. Our portfolio of itineraries encapsulates the whole Indian subcontinent. We hope to expose more regions in our product profile in the future.

We recognize the hallmark of a good business model by being friendly, honest and being absolutely direct. We at Natbound   strictly adhere to ethics of animal welfare and conservation. The elements such as budget, transport, accommodation, friendly courteous service and with utmost knowledge of the targeted subjects must run parallel to each other.  The “armamentarium” of Natbound is enormous with partners of over two decades of experience, in many regions where we operate. It is all about our experience, which enables us to furnish an incredibly joyous and fruitful itinerary. Be it any platform with regards to bird watching, wildlife and culture, we can furnish a tour off a plethora of itineraries or curate one.

We seriously take into account the present challenges of climate change, habitat depletion and animal welfare thereon heed the call to respect and adhere to the greater call. 

WHY Natbound...

Over 25 years of very successful tour leading and knowledge to carefully curate the most suitable tour itinerary to meet our clientele’s needs.

We are Enthusiastic birdwatchers as well as wildlife explorers, field ornithologists, wildlife researchers, photographers and authors on selected disciplines within the realm of nature and conservationists.

Friendly personalized service and knowledge to meet set goals on any curated tour itinerary. Friendliness in our business is considered to be the key feature.


Knowledge and the filed skills in finding targeted species with accuracy. Be it bird, mammal, butterflies or other aspects of wildlife and even culture on your holiday.


Our Tour leaders are well up-to-date with identification details and current taxonomic revisions of birds, mammals and other animals in our region.


Animal sounds are inevitably the most important tool in finding the desired animals in the field. Thus, time management becomes the most sought out feature of an experienced and worthy leader.


Accommodation, are of high standard overall in Sri Lanka and India and they may include hotels, rest houses and forest lodges. On request luxury accommodation is provided where it is available and necessary.  Itineraries and accommodations necessitates change as the traditional birding and wildlife sites of importance continue to change, thus please note we delve into all important spaces be it country or species of interest.

Transport may be the most quintessential aspect of a tour. Thus, we provide air-conditioned vehicles required by the tourism authority of Sri Lanka and India as well with drivers well over two decades of experience. We do take the liberty to choose a vehicle when budget and any request becomes a subject of concern.


Costs of our tours are based on the quality of services we provide on the tours, and are highly competitive in that respect.

From 2013 to 2016 I had the privilege of asking Lester to organise 3 tours to Sri Lanka I was arranging for my friends and others who wanted to travel the world with me. His knowledge of all aspects of tour organising keeping in mind to offer the best customer experience is second to none and my travellers have always been very pleased. Having organised tours to many parts of the world the easy no fuss background organisation that Lester manages to offer me is such a big relief and makes the life of a tour organiser so much easier.
Ken Hettiarachi
Exotic Travels and Adventures Ltd-Sri Lanka
I first met Lester in 2016 on a private tour of Sri Lanka and we immediately connected over our love for birds and nature. Over the next 15 days I was impressed by his knowledge of and dedication to finding the unique endemic birds of the island. The choice of accommodations was right on and the food was wonderful. Altogether a fantastic tour made better by Lester's engaging personality and vast knowledge of the island. I left having made a friend of someone who is expert on all the things that make a tour an unforgettable experience.
Bill Fiero
New York
Lester is a clever guide. It maximizes the chances of encountering the target bird while using the five senses that have been sharpened.
Kensuke Tanaka
Me and my boyfriend were on a fantastic trip to Sri Lanka in 2017. We had booked a guided ten day bird and nature trip. We had a very knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated guide in Lester. We got to see and experience the best of Sri Lanka's bird and wildlife. We can really recommend a trip with Lester Perera! For us Italien is a wonderful memory for life. With best regards
Hillevi and Mikael