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Selection of regions and locations

South Asian is one of the most diverse bio geographical regions in the world. Its varied wildlife is in the bucket list of many a nature traveler. To glean the flavor would take a lifetime as the colossal landmass and the regions biodiversity is beyond comprehension. Thus, our expertise in this region and our tours that consist of many unique and little known destinations will help you find the most desirable locations and species of your dreams. Concentrating principally on wildlife and birding we can also combine cultural aspects desired in order to savor an all-round experience.

Tailor making an itinerary is our forte. Have no doubt our experience over the years have shown us that on almost all instances travel plans are subject to discussion and consequently arrive at a final “agreed upon” itinerary. The norms usually considered would base upon the budget, number of days and topics of interest, in general.

The variability of accommodations and conditions differ depending on the target species and the region intended to visit, nevertheless with the community in mind and the impact they can make towards conservation is and will always be close to our hearts. This in mind, we as a responsible company

dedicated to species survival will decide taking into consideration all parties benefiting from this endeavor.

Why India...

As a neighboring country to Sri Lanka we share many affinities with India. Having worked in India has had an impact on our psyche and adoration for its diversity in every form.

 With several diverse biogeographic regions from the Trans Himalayas to the dry deserts India hosts an array of life forms numbering to an unimaginable 90000 species from the smallest critters to the giants of the animal world. It is beyond comprehension if one is to negate India from their “Bucket List “.

From the highest snow capped peaks to dry deserts then to the most isolated islands. 36 countries all in one, 22 plus languages spoken, form utterly impoverished to the filthy rich, from the most primitive to the ultra-modern yet considered one country. The birthplace of most revered religions, “Incredible” so apt a term, well, could there be a better word and the search is inconceivable. The chaos is beyond comprehension but there is an order to the madness in any which way you look. 

Having traveled “Incredible India” for two and a half decades the story never ends. Can you improvise on the word “diversity” then the best example would be India? You name it they got it.

To further sum it up India’s got a culinary identity as well of course differing regionally, this amazes any foodie, along with a whole array of other topics of interests as well.

Parallel to Natbound’s focus, India has a major resource when it comes to wildlife as briefed.

Birding Tours

The vastness of India as a whole and its biological diversity could not be compared to any other. Several distinct bio-geographic regions from the vast Himalayas to semi-arid regions and deserts, the Gangetic plains to the Western Ghats in the south, India holds 12 percent of the world bird species.

 With around 1350 species spread throughout the country, it’s a never ending story from a birding perspective.

Our customized tours are the Western Ghats, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Himalayan Foothills inclusive of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Pushkar Camel Fair (Rajasthan), Ladakh, Sikkim, Assam and the North East. Tour in the Great Himalayan National Park for the western Tragopan and other Pheasants

Mammal Tours

To one’s consternation India multitudes of mammalian paradoxes spread throughout India. From the Iconic Tiger, to the “Shan”, or better known as the Snow Leopard, thereon to the most elusive and beautiful of cats the Clouded Leopard the multitude of mammalian species number up to 410 species   approximately 9% of the world’s Mammals.

Unlike our birding tours, we very appropriately prefer to curate mammal tours. This is due to the accurate period of the year, weather patterns and the required time to observe rare and elusive species need precise discussion with client. This is especially for the Trans Himalayan Mammals.

Our customized tours are the Western Ghats, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Gujarat, Ladakh, Sikkim, Assam and the North East.