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Natbound’s experience spans over two decades in Sri Lanka and India inclusive of the Andaman Islands as well.

Mammal Tours

With over 50 individual tours to our credit in India alone any corner of this incredible country is familiar be it bird of the most elusive of mammals.

Pelagic Tours

Within the realm of birding we also focus upon “Pelagic Birding” as it’s the least focus upon from a bird watching perspective. It is the new frontier in birding as the growth of interest in this shear is immense. 

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Welcome to the Natbound we are very excited to have you join us on our many exciting tours in Sri Lanka and India.

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Featured Tours

10 Days tour specifically goes in search of Sri Lankan endemic Birds

14 Days tour for search of Sri Lanka’s mammals endemic birds…

This 7-day tour specifically goes to search Sri Lankan wildlife with optional 2 days Whale watching…

With around 140 species of mammals comprised of 20 species endemic, to the Western Ghats…

This itinerary is the best curated Bird Watching and Mammal watching tours to South Indian Western Ghats….

Why Travel with us.

Natbound’s experience spans over two decades in Sri Lanka and India inclusive of the Andaman Islands as well. The familiarity with all critters to the larger forms are, our forte. From Ladhak in the north of India to the southern tip of Sri Lanka and from Gujarat in the west to Tinsukia in Assam in the east, is within the frame work of our product profile. Our explorations into other parts of the subcontinent isn’t over with, it is the enthusiasm we have within that creates the drive and to further provide our clientele with the best experience.

Bird Watching

Birding has been the core of our interest consequently helping us diverge in to other spheres of life forms nevertheless we continually update ourselves in in order to serve our customers to the best of our ability be it taxonomically, range, behavior and sounds (calls).

Whale watching

The southern coast around Galle and Mirissa are the places to go in search of responsible blue whale watching in Sri Lanka during these times. Be prepared for magic.

Mammal Tours

Unlike our birding tours, we very appropriately prefer to curate mammal tours. This is due to the accurate period of the year, weather patterns and the required time to observe rare and elusive species need precise discussion with client.

Reptile & Amphibians

In Sinharaja Sri Lanka, early monsoon offers outstanding reptile and amphibian-watching. As countless frogs sing and breed, many rare, endemic snakes emerge to prey on them.


We recognize the hallmark of a good business model by being friendly, honest and being absolutely direct. We at Natbound   strictly adhere to ethics of animal welfare and conservation. The elements such as budget, transport, accommodation, friendly courteous service and with utmost knowledge of the targeted subjects must run parallel to each other. 

lester perera

Lester’s dedicated professional tour leading experience in Sri Lanka and India for over two and a half decades has encouraged him to create a broader and wider spectrum of wildlife tours in south Asia.


Lester is a passionate and knowledgeable naturalist who knows his country's natural environments like the back of his hand. More than a simple naturalist, he is also a painter-draftsman of great talent who intimately knows the flora and fauna. of his country Thanks to him and his friend and driver Christy, also an excellent ornitho, we were able to discover, with my wife, even over a limited period of time, a very beautiful glimpse of the naturalistic treasures of Sri Lanka. We look forward to being able to come back.
Alain Beignet
Lester is without a doubt one of the best guides I have had the pleasure to travel with. We spent two weeks together exploring the fauna of the Western Ghats and we came away with a near record number of species. His knowledge of the fauna of South Asia is unsurpassed and anyone lucky enough to have him as their guide would be very fortunate. His knowledge of all groups of animals and much of the flora is expert in level. His spotting and experience with the local hotspots and habits of the species makes targeting most species very doable. Many of our species targets were very specific and rather rare, but we came away with all of them seen! We loved his company and very relaxed conversation and companionship on our trip. Please feel free to contact us (naturetraveler@msn.com) if you have any questions at all. Our entire family highly recommends Lester! Can’t be beat!
Coke & Som Smith
Bangkok Thailand
In 2012 we were on a birdingtrip to Sri Lanka where Lester Pereira appeared to be our tourleader. Our main goal was to enjoy the country and it’s nature and culture. At the end we concluded that the trip thanks to Lester exceeds our expectations. Not only he made the trip well organised but also he showed us 243 species of birds including all the 34 endemics of Sri Lanka and a lot of other animals. Besides his knowledge of nature of Sri Lanka, Lester had a good eye of how the group was acting and he showed to be very social within the whole group. And last but not least his taste of music, which appeared the be almost the same as mine, gives us also other talks then only about nature… When it is possible for us we would like to come back to Sri Lanka and that we have the same tourleader.
Ton Elzerman